Vocals, Guitar / Adam Mah
Lead Guitar, Vocals / Glen Jackson
Drums / Daniel Kozlowski
Bass, Vocals / Deven Azevedo
Keyboard, Vocals / Shane Stephenson



Vancouver based Indie-Rock outfit Derrival combines synth-heavy elements of bands like Phoenix and CHVRCHES with guitar driven hooks and melodies reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club and Young the Giant. 

Formed in 2009 by combining high-school bands, the 5-piece quickly developed a bond like brothers. They have since undergone University programs to develop the skillsets of a record label for releasing their own music. The band’s latest 2015 EP “Departure & Arrival”, is a decompression of the group name Derrival. The EP’s first single entitled “Original Script” debuted in 2014 and led the band to winning a highly coveted top prize in the BC PEAK Performance Project. The band is currently in studio recording their first full-length album with Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Van Damsel).

The name Derrival is a merging of the words ‘departure’ and ‘arrival’. This is appropriate as the band is characterized by not staying still. They are a moving and evolving act, but the constant is the music and energy they bring with them. That stays long after.